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(male announcer) live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news.tonight at eight. >> worries about the health of former president george h-w bush. the 88-year-old has been in the hospital for more than a month. dealing with a stubborn cough brought on by bronchitis. today came word that his condition. may be deteriorating. kron-4's grant lodes has been following this developing story. >> .and is here with the latest. george h-w bush is in guarded condition tonight. the oldest living president has what's being described as a "stubborn fever" that will not go away.and the fever has gotten higher in the past couple days. bush 41's spokesman recently shared the medical
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update. adding that bush is on an all-liquid diet and has been in the intensive care unit since sunday. he is alert, and talking to doctors. family members visited bush at his houston hospital on christmas.and the former president is trying to stay optimistic. >> he is extremely optimistic. it is difficult but he understands that he is there for a reasoned anti appreciate the great care that he is getting at methodist. >> former president bush has been at methodist hospital since november 23rd when he had a bronchitis - like- cough. the cough has improved, now the fever is the issue.doctors say they're treating the fever with tylenol. >> tonight police in santa rosa are investigating the death of an elderly woman. who was found floating in a pond at a condo complex. as kron-4's alecia reid spoke to the residents who made the gruesome discovery.
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>> reporter: neighbors discovered this woman and soft--this resident ' as a daughter found this woman floating in the pond. she did not want to show her face on camera. after the police and dragged the body out of the water, they realized that it was their 70 year-old neighbor. but they do not live in the complex. they have no idea how she got there or if she was visiting anyone. >> i do not know why she was here. i do not live here. my parents live here. we rented out the complex for the holiday. i've never seen anything like it. not a good day. >> reporter: there was a
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suitcase next to the body in the water and it is taken into evidence. in santa rosa, alecia reed, kron 4. >> the california highway patrol reporting more than one thousand d-u-i arrests over the holiday weekend. kron four's philippe djegal tells us how many were made here in the bay area. >> while you were in join the family and friends the c h p was busy cracking down on impaired driving. >> looking for drivers with the d.u.i. and things that cause crashes. >> the car and maximum enforcement with extra port officers. state-wide, 1060 drivers were a arrested for driving under the influence. last year, 980 worker arrested 40 you are light during the same period. >> last year, there were arrested, 980 there were
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arrested for d.u.i.. our focus on the law is increasing for the arrests. >> reporter: 151 in the bay area and also three crashes that resulted in deaths. a state-wide, 26 people died. that is up from 14 from last year. >> and it on your behind through we'll you want to get there, safely >> reporter: always use a designated driver and to always wear a seatbelt. refusing to do either will keep you a hefty fine. >> be courteous. we should be courteous anyway but typically, when you are more accommodating to your fellow motorists, you are usually safer. look out for everybody else that is on the road, also >> reporter: the next crackdown is a new year's. phillipe djegal, kron 4 news. while you were celebrating the holidays with friends highway patrol was busy cracking down on
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impaired drivers. in the bay area, there were 151 dui arrests. there were also three crashes that resulted inthe chp reminds drivers to the next chp period of >> the bay area continuing to clean up from the storms that rolled through the region on the christmas holiday. here you see video of the downpour in the hard hit north county yesterday. on highway one-oh-one. kron-4's j-r stone is live in marin county tonight. with a look at the vineyard that was flooded. and an update on current conditions. >> vicki, let me show you some of these shots that i don't. take a look at these vineyards, and what type of impact is it going to have i spoke to the people that work at the wineries and they say that they are not as worried because it is in this time of year. however, if this were to happen
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during the springtime, it would be a different story. >> they can be totally submerged or under water it does not matter because they are in a state of dormancy. it will be fine, for the sorrel level for the springtime. >> reporter: you can see it in the distance, the golden gate bridge it is clear. temperatures have dropped in the last one hour. reporting live in marin county, j. r. stone, kron 4 news. >> all of the rain over christmas.shutdown the southbound side of the upper avenue to sloat boulevard. a spokeswoman at the san francisco department of public works says the road floods because the drains cannot handle all of the water, especially during a powerful storm. drivers are being forced to take the lower great highway route. the northbound side is still open. officials say the highway closes about 60 times a year, its not known when the southbound side will re-open. >> the storm also brought down a massive tree in the east bay. this one fell right on the footsteps of the delta chi
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fraternity house on channing way in berkeley. the 90-footer took out some communications cables on its' way down. but other than that the damage was minimal. however when the tree fell it loosened the soil of a neighboring tree.that had to be removed for safety reasons. >> in the sierra. it was another snowy day with drivers facing chain restrictions and slick roads through the higher elevations. this is video from placer county. where last night caltrans had to shut down interstate 80 several times. because of the dangerous driving conditions. kron 4's charles clifford has an update on how things are looking now. >> reporter: as night fell on the sierra wednesday evening, it had stopped snowing but the roadways continued to be treacherous and travel remained slow going for drivers. this is view from along interstate 80 near the donner summit. crews were able to clear the road but there was still a long back up over the summit. caltrans is currently requiring trucks to carry chains between applegate and truckee. a few miles away at the donner lake interchange, same story with traffic at a standstill wednesday evening.
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now, to the south this is a view along highway 50 at meyers. slick conditions and slow going for drivers, but the snow had stopped falling. chain restrictions are in effect for all vehicles traveling on highway 50 between kyburz and meyers. and here's one more look from south lake tahoe. lots' of fresh snow here as well, but the roadway is mostly clear. finally, the sierra avalanche center says there is still considerable danger of avalanches in the higher elevations around lake tahoe. they say that all of this new snow is now sitting on top of an older unstable snow pack and that skiers and anyone in the backcountry should be extra carefull. especially around slopes that are 32 degrees or steeper. in the newsroom, charles clifford kron 4 news. >> jacqueline: to rain and snow is largely coming to with an aunt. it is released it is coming back to an end. with clearer conditions
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overnight notice the clouds overhead. mostly clear skies which will lead to very cold temperatures. already, chilly conditions in fairfield, 42 degrees. 45 in daly city, livermore. here is what we can expect tonight. temperatures quite cold with frost in a number of locations. sunny skies and chilly temperatures. it will be dry but the rainfall will return on friday. timing it out and your extended forecast. >> thousands of previously unpublished boy scouts of america files that detail suspected sexual abuse by employees and volunteers have been posted to an online database. grant lodes is standing by with where to find it. and where the accused offenders are here in the bay area. grant? >> they're called "perversion files" and the los angeles times published the data base. you can access it on the times website. and you can see detailed information on boy scouts of america employees and volunteers. who have been removed from the
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organization for suspected sexual abuse. and the database includes 23 bay area boy scout volunteers. the men were affiliated with troups in from santa rosa, to san jose. also san francisco, sunnyvale, concord, richmond, among other locations. the most common issue: officials allowing adult volunteers with criminal molestation records into the boy scouts. still ahead at eight. dramatic new video of a tornado carving a path of destruction through the deep south. an n-f-l player indicted for the alleged drunk driving crash that killed his teammate. how much prision time he could be facing. and later the message starbuck's c-e-o has for lawmakers trying to hash out a deal on the fiscal cliff. and how he plans on delivering it. r
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a r >> the stores may seem busy -- but new numbers show u-s holiday retail sales growth is the weakest since 2008. according to the report -- holiday sales increased just point-seven percent. less than a quarter of what was expected. superstorm sandy -- along with the looming fiscal cliff are being partially blamed for the decline. here in the bay area. malls were bustling again today. this time with shoppers looking to *return gifts. new at eight. kron-4's scott rates shows us the post- chirstmas shopping scene in daly city. >> it has been one return after another at this disney store. >> this pesky white elephant? >> i did not like the smell
8:15 pm
>> they were packed. >> this is $9.99 a press normally 20. >> this is from the lion king. and his entire bedroom is the lion king. >> according to the advisory electronics and jewelry increased by 0.7 percent compared to last year. it is the worst sales performance since 2008. but it does not seem like it. >> it has been incredibly busy and it feels like i am in and and farm. >> people are feeling the crowds. a spokesperson a sign that you can expect these crops for the rest of the year. in daly city, scott rates, kron 4. >> the country is inching closer to falling off the
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so-called "fiscal cliff" -- a series of tax hikes and spending cuts set to take effect in six days. and there still seems to be no signs of compromise between congress president obama is cutting his holiday vacation in hawaii short. and will return to washington tomorrow. house and senate members are expected to reconvene tomorrow as well. without a budget agreement, automatic tax increases for everyone and deep spending cuts will be triggered in the new year. the main dispute continues to be over taxes. >> in national news. dallas cowboys nose tackle josh brent has been formally indicted on a charge of intoxication manslaughter. for the crash that killed a teammate. brent was arrested earlier this month after police say he flipped his car while speeding though a neighborhood in suburban dallas. brent survived the crash. but his friend and teammate. practice squad member jerry brown. died at a hospital. intoxication manslaughter carries a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison. no court dates have been set. >> right now parts of the country are dealing with the aftermath of a severe storm system that is being blamed for at least six deaths. and tonight. we have
8:17 pm
dramatic new video of a major tornado that ripped through mobile alabama last night. >> it is right there. we have to hurry up. >> officials say the tornado touched down five times in the mobile area -- ripping off roofs and shattering windows. the destruction was evident at a high school in mobile. were several portable classrooms were destroyed and sevearl otehr buildings were damage. many homes were also damaged in mobile. but no significant injuries or deaths were reported there. we're also getting some incredible video of the tornado moving through. as captured on surveillance cameras. grant lodes is here with a look. >> and we just got this surveillance video from a walgreens in mobile, alabama. wow. you see a couple light flashes.then lots of debris flying around. can see the tornado dump a car and a
8:18 pm
truck in the parking lot. we'll play it again. keep your eyes on this area here. two vehicles apparently picked up and dropped.= same parking lot. different camera angle. you can see a person in their car.wipers on as the intensity picks up. things being blown everywhere. then inside the walgreens. watch this guy in the army fatigues. he goes outside to see how bad it is. then comes running back in. opening the doors was not a good idea. because the fierce winds came tearing through the walgreens.blowing things off shelves. the baskets eventually get tipped. scary couple minutes for people inside and outside this alabama walgreens
8:19 pm
yesterday. >> jacqueline: heavy rainfall along the coast. along new-york city several winter advisories and warnings for this area. 1 ft. of snowfall expected. very gusting winds this is going to be tapering off as we go for the next 24 hours. for the local weather, we could see some rainfall with more expected in the north bay. santa rosa, three- quarters of 1 in.. as we take a look at the next couple of days. a dry day but it is going to be chilly. the skies clearing. we will be seeing 30's and low 30's away from the coast. frost and as we go towards friday, the day will be cold. with the increasing cloud coverage in the
8:20 pm
rainfall. possibly linked ring towards friday. temperatures tomorrow lingering-possibly rainfall possibly live reports credit car lingering towards friday -- you want to give yourself some extra time tomorrow. to scrape your wind chills, defrost a possible frost advisories. and 40's and the sunnyvale. and redwood city, a very chilly start and temperatures are going to warm up. not quite that much, low 50s bay-area wide. the degrees in san francisco, oakland, to be three degrees in fremont and 53 degrees in said his goal. 83 degrees in fremont. midnight, we will see 53 degrees in fremont -- and '50s in san francisco. that rainfall is going to stick around with some computer
8:21 pm
models expected that it will just be off shore. mainly to the north bay as the go for the afternoon. feel look at your extended forecast with more of a dry out tomorrow. we will see lingering showers on saturday. sunday, monday all looking dry and even warmer. tuesday, we could see the chance of showers. >> if you got a new gadget this year that will replace an old one you may be wondering what to do with that old phone or tablet. recycle it or sell it >> later in sports the warriors are in utah trying to beat that yo jazz and the 49ers rookie will finally see the field. we will tell you who that is,
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the indexed at 8:the woman charged with crashing into a group of pedestrians on twin peaks. before a judge. and why the f-b-i viewed the "occupy wall street" movement. as a potential terrorist threat. >> jacqueline: a look at our current temperatures with 40's. it is going to be colt. and the chance of rainfall, coming up.
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>> now for a look at our top stories at eight-thirty. investigators in santa rosa are trying to figure out what led to the death of an edlery woman. whose body was found floating in the pond of a condo compelx. 68-year-old stefanie triliegi was discovered unresponsive in the manmade lagoon at about 9-30 this morning. police say she was not a resident of the complex. >> the los angeles times has published thousands of previously unreleased files from the boy scouts of america files that detail suspected sexual abuse by employees and volunteers. the online database includes a nation-wide map. pin-pointing more than five thousand cases since the 19- 40's. the database includes 23 bay area boy scout volunteers. >> and the bay area is drying out from yet another winterstorm. vineyards were flooded in the hard hit north bay. and more snow created dangerous driving conditions in the sierra. but the weather is starting to
8:32 pm
jacqueline bennett is here with a look at the forecast. >> jacqueline: the good news is that the rainfall will not be coming for the next 36 hours. we will see dry conditions and it is starting to dry out. through the sierras, a bit of rain fall through the central valley. but locally, try and clear expected. however, that blast of cold arctic air with 40's in a number of places. 45 in daly city, 42 in fairfield livermore, even the 30's. as long as we will see clearer skies, and just a touch of cloud coverage it is going to be quite cold and frosty tomorrow morning to. dry but rainfall in store for friday will talk more about that, coming up. >> in bay area news. the suspected drunk driver accused of killing a
8:33 pm
grandmother on the twin peaks look-out. faced a judge for the first time today. gina eunice of san francisco is charged with felony d-u- i, felony hit and run and kron 4's justine waldman was in court and tells us what happened. >> reporter: for her first court apperance. 23-year old gina eunice wore an orange issued jump suit. >> i know my rights >> reporter: the last time we saw her on camera. was when police put cuffs on her for a deadly dui accident on the twin peaks look out. police say eunice ran over 56-year old yuee yao. killing her. and then took off. her attorney says the charges don't match her clients character. >> never been in trouble before and a quarter short of graduating from college, there are things family going through that prob has a lot to do with the full picture of how everything happened the way that it >> reporter: while she did not elaborate on those circumstances, the attorney did add that eunce is studying to become a police officer. the judge set her bail at 2- million dollars.
8:34 pm
if she posts it. she must wear a scram device - which makes sure she does not drink alcohol and is not allowed to drive. her family and friends offered no comment. the victims son told kron 4. how devestating this loss is. >> from tuesday i had the perfect family and now, my mom is gone >> reporter: district attorney george gascon says.drinking and driving is unexacceptable. >> the impact that this is having on the entire family is horrible we are very concerned about the use of alc and driving especially during the holiday season. >> reporter: eunice will be back in court for her arraigngment on december 31st. in san francicso justine waldman kron 4 news. >> in alameda, a family christmas party took a violent turn. ending with multiple people stabbed. one woman is behind bars accused of carrying out the attacks tuesday night. police say the it started with an argument, the suspect then using a kitchen or pocket knife to stab four family
8:35 pm
members. all the victims are expected to survive. >> residents in a west oakland neighborhood had to be evacuated from their homes. as police workde to dispose of several pounds of old explosives. this is video of the scene courtesy of sky-7. oakland police say a man called officers to turn in about a half-dozen packets of what was said to be old t-n-t from world war two. the alameda county sheriff's bomb squad was called in to dispose of the explosives. >> chirstmas is behind us and now you might be wondering what to do with your christmas tree. in san francisco. you can recycle your tree starting january second. for two weeks after that, the city will pick up trees that are left on the curb. all the lights, ornaments and tinsel must be off!! >> at no additional, charge, just put it out with your regular transport cannot put it in your compost pile. the
8:36 pm
tree is too acidic. >> the trees will be turned in to wood chips which will be burned for alternative energy use. san francisco runs the oldest christmas tree recycleing program in the county. >> the f-b-i and department of homeland security considered the occupy movement that swept across the country as a potential terrorism threat. that's according to newly-released f-b-i internal documents released under the freedom of information act. they describe several instances where counterterrorism agents joined with other agencies to monitor protesters across the country. and prepared surveillance and precautionary measures. some civil rights groups are upset that the protests were viewed as criminal acts. the f-b-i says it recognizes the rights of groups to engage in peaceful protests, but must also deal with potential threat of violence. >> los angeles has moved up its annual gun buyback program in the wake of this month's shooting rampage in connecticut. people can drop off their guns in exchange for a grocery store gift card -- no questions asked. the mayor says the city's residents want to be
8:37 pm
proactive >> they want to act they're tired of waiting on congress and on legislators to do something. there is too much talk and not enough action this is an opportunity for people to act and get rid of guns they do not need. or do not use. all too often, the guns are stolen. >> the city destroys the guns it is given. since the buy back program started in 2009, los angeles has collected eight thousand weapons. can breathe. during superstorm sandy. it's the thought that counts, but sometimes that thought misses the mark. if you're hitting the mall or trekking to the post office to return a holiday gift this week, you may want to listen up. karin caifa looks pitfalls. >> electronics are very tricky because there could be restocking items. and many retailers will cost you
8:38 pm
a portion of the purchase price. it did%, 20 percent even if you cannot open to it. the king% -- 20%. 15%- 20%-it-that could be the amount of the restocking fee. and also, do not forget your receipt some will not accept the item. or, the gift cards will not also be returnable. and usually, if the gift with purchase is returned, the gift with purchase is usually also must be overturned. >> if you got a package deal, you are going to have to bring everything back. >> the bay area's favorite way to ring in the new year. is always with kron 4. the biggest parties and spectacular fireworks. will all be on kron 4's new year's live show. it is hosted by catherine heenan and gary radnich.
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kron 4's - new year's live. starts at 11-30 on new years eve.
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>> now for today's market update. stocks closed down after a weak holiday shopping report sent shares of major retailers lower. on wall street. the dow fell 24-points. to end its third straight session with a loss. the nasdaq lost 22-points to fall below 3-thousand. and the s-and-p 50 dropped six points. >> toyota will pay more than a billion dollars in damages to settle hundreds of lawsuits over acceleration problems in its vehicles. that's according to an attorney representing plaintiffs in the case. the settlement. which still needs to be approved by a judge. will be the largest settlement in u.s. history involving automobile defects. toyota has recalled more than 14-million vehilces worldwide because of acceleration problems in several models. as well as brake defects with the prius hybrid. despite it's troubles. toyota is set to overtake general motors and reclaim "the world's biggest car maker" title for 2012. it says worldwide sales should rise 22 percent this
8:43 pm
year, to nine-point-seven million vehicles. >> starbucks will publicly take a stand on the looming fiscal cliff. c-e-o howard schultz is asking workers at its 120 d- c-area stores to write "come together" on the coffee cups they serve on thursday and friday. he says it's a way to quote: "send our elected officials a respectful but potent message, urging them to come together to find common ground." if a deal isn't reached between the president and congress. widespread tax increases and automatic government spending cuts will kick in next week. both sides are due back by thursday and have vowed to make a final attempt. stay with us. another check of the forecast. after the break. a puppy stolen from th hey, dad.
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unlimited talk, text, and shareable data across your family's devices. all in one plan. get a spectrum 2 by lg for $49.99 >> and a pop be stolen puppy--- oregon humane society is now home with his
8:46 pm
rightful owners. chris woodward tells us how social media may have played a role in his return. >> back in the arms, there's no idea what he has been true. >> i was excited. >> moments, they got to be able to see him for the first time since he was stolen. >> he is and my arms again. >> they were here to adopt >> they said that he was gone. >> b'nai put it th -- but they t that when they realized that there was a " hot puppy they were eager to return it.
8:47 pm
>> there were not able to wait to give them the news. >> for all that he has been too, that little puppy is exhausted but will probably never know how special he is. >> what a great christmas. >> that was chris woodward the oregon humane society says, so far, no arrests have been made. >> jacqueline: during fall temperatures overnight, we will see areas of a frost in those locations. also a cold start with the increase in cloud coverage. let us take a look at the satellite and radar. the rain has come to one and with showers and lingering flurries. drier conditions expected tonight and tomorrow. those will
8:48 pm
help lead to cooler temperatures, overnight. low 30's and 34 in fairfield, 36 in vallejo. livermore, we could see areas of frost. 30's through pleasanton, and redwood city. through the afternoon, temperatures really not rebutting all that well. as for friday, notice still some clear skies it will stay clear but for the later morning hours the clouds will move in. storms offshore on one computer model is a sign that it will stay offshore however, the other computer model is saying that it could make landfall by 2:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m. best for the sierras, it will be dry with a lingering flurries possible. cloudy, cold. snowfall returning on a
8:49 pm
saturday. a look at your extended forecast with cold and dry. the rain fall approaches that could lender. drier conditions and lingering -- the rainfall- and let us we have a lot of new snowfall to talk about. storms that have been impacting us. this year wrought at tahoe, nearly two-feet of fresh it all. sierra added lake tahoe. and all of the ski resorts have been experiencing new powder. >> and sports, they will be well represented at the pro bowl. of the 49ers. and also, jason has highlights and all of your sports, next. .
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8:52 pm
>> welcome back everyone. mark jackson is a to-one however, the utah jazz, 9-2 something had to give. currie, the incredible side step. with 18 points in the first half, alone. klay thompson, 72-58. the
8:53 pm
warriors' lead into the fourth quarter, career with the amazing cross over. making it difficult shot and take a look at the replay. finishing with eight rebounds, seven assists. it the warriors are 19-10. andthe nfl announced it's pro bowl rosters today - and nine 49ers made the team - including seven starters - most by any team. linebacker patrick willis is one of those starters, and becomes the first 49er in history to make the pro bowl each of his first six seasons. bowman gets recognized. and in just his second season, smith leads with 19.5 sacks. justin smith also voted in for the fourth time and both are starting safeties. and
8:54 pm
also wintner with three offensive players, gore has over 1,000 yds with the sixth straight season and staley not a single oakland raider made the squad. kicker, sebastian jackowski now - as for sunday's regular season finale against arizona - the niners are 16 1/2 point favorites to beat the cardinals and clinch the nfc part because arizona is starting their fourth string quarterback take a look at brian hoyer - arizona is dead last. the niners should be able to deal with the cardinals. however, could they regained some of that momentum after the ball ofat seattle the blowof loss at seattle?
8:55 pm
>> with a running start towards the court championship. >> the niners are also dealing with a slew of injuries - both tight end vernon davis and justin smith held out of practice today - davis with the concussion and smith with the elbow injury of course wide receiver mario manningham tore his a-c-l sunday on this play - and won't be back until next season at the earliest we should get a look at a j janekins... the he will be the backup to grandma's and michael crabtre and randy moss and michael crabtree. >> i am just not looking at it i just want to of a great game. it >> he is a good receiver. he
8:56 pm
has great quickness and want to get the ball in his hands. >> i just want to go out there and play football. do the best that i can. if the niners beat arizona and the packers lose in minnesota the 49ers will earn the number two seed and a first round bye the raiders meanwhile. have yet to announce who their starting quarterback will be. pryor? or matt liner that saw the fiels after carson palmer was injured >> we also have time for a manchester untied taking on
8:57 pm
newcastle. manchester came back....e-mail us...askgary >> we understand the global impact on the soccer but all eyes are going to be on the 49ers on sunday. >> yes, the big story and the raiders are also playing with one game left. they could clinch the division. >> that is exciting and as sunday weather? >> jacqueline: it looks good for sunday. we are going to see dry conditions the chance of rainfall on friday, saturday. but it looks like sunday will be
8:58 pm
dry. >> a lot of people are going to be going to the game. see you at 11:00 p.m. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy u-verse high speed internet. you know, in my day you couldn't just start streaming six ways to sunday. you'd get knocked off. and sometimes, it took a minute to download a song. that's sixty seconds, for crying out loud. we know how long a minute is! sitting, waiting for an album to download. i still have back problems. you're only 14 and a half.
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he doesn't have back problems. you kids have got it too good if you ask me. [ male announcer ] now u-verse high speed internet has more speed options, reliability and ways to connect. rethink possible.

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